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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Comparison of Rich People Views and Poor People Views

 Poor People
Rich People
“Go to school and make good grades.”
“Become financially literate.”
“Get a safe, secure job.”
“Build businesses.”
“Work hard and save.”
“Don’t save, invest.”
“Work for money.”
“Let money work for you.”
“Pay your creditors first.”
“Pay yourself first.”
“Save money by shopping for bargains.”
“Make money by shopping for investments that will go up in value.”
“Don’t buy something you can’t afford.”
“Ask yourself how you can afford it.”
“Investing is risky.”
“Not investing is risky.”
“Your house in an asset.”
“Your house is a liability.”
“The rich are greedy.”
“The rich are generous.”
“Money is a necessary evil.”
“Money is power.”